Refund Policy

Any products that are delivered to the customer in unsatisfactory condition may be returned to the pickup site or refused at delivery and given to the driver. We however request AT THE TIME OF REFUSAL:

- For Restaurants/Institutions: a picture of the refused item and an explanation, so that we may learn from the mistake or the error as well as inform our farms/suppliers of what is not acceptable.

If the product is deemed unacceptable, the item can either be replaced or you will receive a credit for the item. You may use our email address to communicate any problems with your order or text us at 859-412-2199.

If an item was ordered by mistake by the chef (as documented on the online ordering site), we will not be able to credit or refund because we HARVEST TO ORDER. To avoid this, please review your order before submission and review any order confirmations as our farmers will be working off of those order confirmations to harvest for in a customized fashion.

For households: All orders submitted must be paid for; refunds are not available if you forget an item at the pick-up site, or forget to get your order entirely.