Sunflower Sundries
Contact: Jennifer Gleason
Address: 434 Dividing Ridge Rd. Mount Olivet , KY, 41064
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Phone: 606-763-6827
About Us
Specializes in Artisanal Corn Chips,heirloom Cornmeal, Grits, Hominy & Jam, Mustard Condiments, and Soaps
KY Proud

Sunflower Sundries makes all products on farm by hand since 1992, except for the corn chips, which are made for us, by a tacqueria, from our corn. We specialize in 15 kinds of low sugar jams, 3 different coarse grained mustard, heirloom corn freshly ground on our own mill into: cornmeal, grits, & hominy. We are famous for our herbal soaps that we sell nationally and we produce over 15,000 bars per year. We grow everything organically, not certified, and turn everything we grow into a finished product in our commercial kitchen. We are located 72 miles east of Cincinnati near Mount Olivet, Kentucky. We welcome visitors to our farm where one can see our process and view our farmlands. We pick wild blackberries from the hillsides around our farm for jam. We grow asparagus, rhubarb, gooseberries, horseradish, garlic, okra and 2 acres of heirloom hickory king corn. We buy fruit and vegetables that are grown without chemicals, from other local farmers for the things we don't grow ourselves. We provide exceptional quality, freshness and superb taste, with over a quarter century of handmade goodness. Jennifer Gleason
Sunflower Sundries Farm started in 1992 and has never used chemicals or poisons of any type. We grow organically, but we are not certified. We use crop rotation, cover crops, mulch, low till, mineral additions, compost and natural fertilizers to maintain soil health and tilth. We also incorporate biodynamic agricultural practices in our gardens and farmlands, and we are not certified for that either. We use many regenerative systems and are always trying new ideas as we read and hear about them. We save some of our seeds and do not use any GMO seeds or plants. Our grounds are open to the public for inspection and we freely share our growing techniques to those interested.