Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative
Address: 8346 George Miller Rd. Russellville, OH, 45168
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Phone: 513-967-0360
About Us
Specializes in Pasture-Raised Beef
GAP Certified

We are a farmer-owned cooperative of southwest Ohio that formed in 2016; young beef farmers who are looking to establish roots on the family farms on which we were raised. Our farm origins reach back into the late 1800's to early 1900's, located in the history-rich countryside of Brown County, Ohio. We are Parker Farms Red Angus, Bolender Family Angus, Nethero Family Beef, and Hamilton Farms.

Our mission is to be able to provide the highest quality beef using the most responsible practices that have been used on the farm since our grandparents and great-grandparents started farming. Our cow herds are closed - meaning we don't bring in new cows from other farms - which significantly cuts down on the need for antibiotics. We also pride ourselves on the superior genetics that we have among our cattle herds - that produce healthy, strong, fast-growing calves - and eliminates any need for growth hormones. Most of our cattle are ready for harvest at 15-16 months of age.

We also have a passion for reconnecting with those who eat what we raise - and lessening the distance between farmer and consumer.
We follow the NEVER EVER 3 guidelines - meaning the beef we raise never ever receive any sort of antibiotics, growth promotants, or animal by-products. We raise our cattle from birth to harvest, so every day of their life is under our close supervision - and we can promise that the cattle are raised under our highest standards.

Our cattle are pasture-raised, and grain finished on non-GMO corn that is raised on our farm. Also, all of our feedstuffs (baled grass hay) are raised on our farm. We follow the traditions of land stewardship that have been passed down from our grandparents - and practices that benefit our animals, our land and what we feed our families. The crops we raise to feed our cattle have been organically fertilized by the manure from the cattle. We bed with recycled wood chips from a local mill in the summer, and our own wheat straw in the winter (keeps them warmer).