Courtney Farms, LLC
Address: 7255 Vigo Rd. Bagdad, KY, 40003
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About Us
Specializes in Fresh Produce and Pork Products
KY Proud, GAP Certified

Courtney Farm began "from scratch" in 2008. We started raising burley tobacco, and have diversified our farming operation to include several enterprises. On their farm we say we raise vegetables, grain, tobacco, cattle, hogs, and most importantly children! Owners Mary and Shane have four kids whom we farm with, ages 2 to 9! They believe selling what they raise will help their dream of one day be multi-generational and be sustainable for the long-haul.
Produce is raised conventionally, but on the conservative side of conventional.
Crop amendments are only applied where needed; abiding (and extending) all rules as to when to harvest after an amendment is applied. They voluntarily participate in a Third-Party GAP audit annually. Mary and Shane choose varieties that will pair well with the soils, temperatures, and have characteristics that will reduce the amount of outside pressures.

They take care of our farm and it takes care of them. Implementing succession planting so they can offer what they raise as long as they can through the growing season. Growing for kitchens of all sizes and open to suggestions from chefs: if you want something grown, pitch the idea!