Greenacres Farm
Address: 8255 Spooky Hollow Road Cincinnati, OH, 45242
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Phone: 513-914-2273
About Us
Greenacres is a 600-acre farm in Indian Hill, created by Louis and Louise Nippert. We are a working farm committed to farming in a way that enhances ecological and community health. We believe that farming in harmony with nature has the power to, not only produce really good food, but to also inspire people and transform communities. To that end, we raise grass finished beef and pastured poultry, pork, and lamb using rotational grazing. In our gardens, we focus on improving soil and ecosystem health through using conscientious tillage, cover crops, and bio-dynamic preparations. Each year, in our pastures and gardens, despite continued increases in production, our soil and ecosystem processes improve as well. We certainly make plenty of mistakes, but the beauty of an agriculture that is sympathetic to the natural world, is that those mistakes become opportunities to learn. The more we learn the more we adapt our methods to enhance the life and health of our farm. For us, it’s an inspiring way to approach to the world with delicious meat and veg as the happy after effect. Thank you for being a patron of Greenacres Farm.