McDowell Farms
City: Winchester , Oh,
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About Us
McDowell Farms is our family farm in Southern Ohio. The farm is owned and operated by Chad and Renee McDowell. We have three children Caleb, Josie, and Grace. We were both raised on farms and have been involved in agriculture all of our lives. The farm in Winchester, Ohio has been in the family for many years. It is important to us to provide high quality meat from animals that are well taken care of and raised naturally. We appreciate customers looking for food that is raised with high standards
We raise Yorkshire, Duroc cross pigs. We use Duroc boars that are selected for marbling which improves taste and tenderness of the pork. We have been rated Step 3 by the GAP program. This is a rating of animal welfare. Our pigs are never given antibiotics. No animal by-products.
Never housed in crates.
Enhanced outdoor access.
Our meat has been verified through the Non-GMO project.