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Specializes in Sustainably Grown Chia
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Heartland Chia is a farmer owned company that produces and markets the only chia seed grown in the U.S. When you purchase our chia you are directly supporting the farmer who grew the chia. Our Heartland Chia brand was developed to differentiate and promote premium quality chia grown on U.S. farms using sustainable farming practices.
Heartland Chia offers the first and only chia grown in the Midwest! Our chia is 100% non-GMO and grown using sustainable production practices on family farms in the U.S.

Our chia comes with U.S. food safety and quality certifications meeting U.S. food-safety standards. Our chia is offered with 100% traceability to the field it was grown in. You can even meet the farmer who grew it.

U.S. grown chia is truly a sustainable and even a restorative crop that can help heal the land and environment.
• Chia has much lower input needs compared to conventional crops. It needs only about 25% of the water and fertilizer that corn uses in a year.
• Can be grown using no-till.
• Brings biodiversity to crop rotations which breaks disease and insect cycles naturally without having to use pesticides.
• Improves soil health
• Chia is also a pollinator crop that bees and butterflies love when blooming
• Helps family farms by offering a better opportunity for both profitability and environmental stewardship
• Reduces transportation and ultimately our carbon footprint by providing a local supply of chia seed