O2 Urban Farms
Address: 3420 Glenmore Avenue Cheviot, OH, 45211
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Phone: 513-202-6706
About Us
Specializes in high-quality Artisan Lettuce Mix, and various herbs.

O2 Urban Farms grow indoor, vertical aquaponics grower located on the westside of Cincinnati. Structured as a non-profit, O2 Urban Farms employs adults on autism spectrum with the aim of providing them with a comfortable, fulfilling, and lucrative working environment. This is accomplished by using our exceptionally clean and environmentally sustainable aquaponics grow system. From seed to harvest our goals are to grow a consistent high-quality product 365 days a year.
GAP 3rd Party Certified

O2 Urban Farms grows via the aquaponic method. This takes advantage of the waste from aquaculture to provide a steady supply of nutrients to the plant roots. Plants in turn filter and oxygenate the water, giving the fish an ideal environment to thrive. This allows them to grow an exceptionally consistent product 365 day a year. Attention to detail has resulted in an indoor grow room with tight controls, allowing for any and all variables to be tweaked as desired. O2 has built a post-harvest processing room fully equipped with stainless steel surfaces and floor to ceiling clean-ability.