Crank and Boom Craft Ice Cream
Contact: Mike and Toa Green
Address: 1210 Manchester St. Lexington, KY, 40504
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Phone: 859-288-2176
About Us
Specializes in Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet
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In 2012, Toa & Mike Green began creating ice cream as owners of Thai Orchid Cafe. On a whim, they decided to purchase a 2-quart Cuisinart on Amazon and started making ice cream.

The coconut ice cream was a hit, so they started making other flavors—strawberry, sweet potato pie—all with local ingredients. And then they noticed that some customers were coming by Thai Orchid Cafe to buy ice cream…even when they didn’t order any Thai food. So they officially launched Crank & Boom ice cream in 2013 at Thursday Night Live.

They began serving Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream at mobile events—festivals, weddings, parties, and schools—and selling to restaurants. The company grew organically, based on customer demand for a premium, locally-produced ice cream. When customers at mobile events kept asking where the shop was, Mike and Toa decided to make it a reality: The Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge officially opened in June 2015.

Crank & Boom is now sold with 50+ retail partners, served at over 100 events each summer, and opened their second retail location at the Barn at the Summit at Fritz Farm in September 2017.

Premium product is sourced with the best local, all-natural ingredients. Ingredients like Kentucky dairy from JD Country Milk, blackberries from Windstone Farms and strawberries/peaches from Eckert’s Boyd Orchard in Versailles.

Sauces and waffle cones are made in house. All of our ice creams, except those that include baked goods, are also egg-free and gluten-free.