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Citrus Scent of Memory was founded in 2008 by a passionate group of people from the Greek island of Chios, where tangerines have been indelibly woven in to the island’s history for centuries. Legend has it that the Venetians brought the fruit in the 14th century, but the citrus trade really took off in the 1700s, when the island’s prominent sea captains set up orchards in their summer homes to ensure their estates could be financially self-sufficient. The jewel of Chios’ citrus orchards is the Chian Mandarin, fruit of the “citrus deliciose tenore”, with a bolder aroma and more intense flavor than the common clementine. This delectable Chian Mandarin was recently recognized by the European Commission and granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), a source of pride for the island’s farmers, who continue to cultivate these fruits with a deep respect for their natural environment and cultural roots. The Citrus company has a deep commitment to these local communities, not only buying their fruit, but also keeping production on the island. A second generation of employees is now joining what has become a model cottage industry on the island that still hand-produces these delectable products.

Citrus is represented in the US by Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan who brings a premium Greek culinary experience to the US while supporting small businesses in Greece to grow and prosper.
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