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Specializes in Artisanal Greek Pasta

Today’s Agrozimi is the result of three generations of hard work and commitment to quality. In 1969 Yiorgos Martavaltzoglou, a refugee from Asia Minor, started a bakery in his village of Aravissós, in the Greek province of Macedonia. His children, wanting to guarantee the quality of the flour they used, started a mill in 1974 and gradually expanded it to produce traditional pasta, like hilopítes and trahaná. By 2010, the third generation of the Martavaltzoglou family moved the business to a modern new production facility, continuing to produce the traditional flavors while adding new ones, like spelt, farro and squid ink. An Agrozimi pack of pasta is not your typical mass-produced pasta, and has a unique flavor and texture that is a testament to the Martavaltzoglou family’s commitment to quality. We continue to use Arávissos’ famous water and still buy grain from producers with whom our family has nurtured 40-year relationships. We have intentionally built our facility with high ceilings and plenty of open space to allow for natural drying chambers, avoiding high-speed drying ovens.

Agrozimi is represented in the US by Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan who brings a premium Greek culinary experience to the US while supporting small businesses in Greece to grow and prosper.

ISO 22000
100% traceable to the source
Traditional artisanal pasta production