Old Souls Farm
Contact: Ethan Snyder, Vic and Nick Kaczkowski
Address: 9648 Smith Rd. St. Paris , , 43072
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About Us
Specializes in Year Round, Hydroponically Grown Produce.

Old Souls Farm began as an outdoor truck farm in 2012, Founder Ethan Snyder would harvest product and bring into Columbus each week for sale at local farmers markets. Realizing the need from his customers for a high quality year round local supply, the Greenhouse concept was born. Bringing in two friends from High School, Vic and Nick Kaczkowski, Old Souls began the construction of a high-tech Greenhouse that could produce hydroponic leafy greens consistently year round. It has been a period of rapid expansion ever since, going from 1,500 sqft to 5,000 - 10,000 then 35,000 as demand for Old Souls Products continues to grow among customers demanding local, fresh, and safe produce year round.
GAP Certified with 3rd Party Audit

Old Souls' focus has been and will remain on growing the best produce possible for market. Utilizing 100% of water needs through rainwater harvesting and storage, automating our climate control and utilizing the sun for as much natural light as possible, and implementing an advanced Integrated Pest Management system where natural predators are used to keep away pests and diseases. The focus is as much on Good Produce as it is on Good Stewardship and conservation of resources. They estimate to use less than 1/10th the water required by traditional farms, utilize 1/20th the amount of land required for the same product output, and cut out over 2,000 miles of transportation from farm to plate. In addition since the produce is harvested and delivered so rapidly the rate of spoilage is reduced to close to zero eliminating the systemic food waste issue prevalent throughout America. The entire operation is GlobalGAP and PrimusGFSI certified, overseen by in-house Quality Assurance team to ensure no food safety issues compromise the integrity of supply.