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About Us
Specializes in Humanely Raised Rose Veal
Raised by Henry County KY farmers.

So different than traditional white veal where the calf is taken from its mother at birth, put on formula and kept in a kennel-like cage.

Rose Veal is raised with its mother for its whole life supping on mother’s milk and fresh pasture making a unique meat product that is unsurpassed in flavor, tenderness and knowledge that this calf had a great life.

Endorsed by Wendell Berry, The Berry Center’s Home Place Meat believes local farmers must be at the core of change. We are building a local food model to be scaled outward beginning with one product – Rose Veal. We are producing local food, establishing fair compensation for farmers, managing supply and demand, accessing markets, and responding to consumer values.

A local food economy that is better for farmers, better for livestock, and better for the planet—that’s Home Place Meat.

• Calves are raised on farms located in Henry County, Kentucky.

Nutrition Protocols
• Calves will be raised on the cow on perennial pastures.
• 100% Grass fed. No grains will be fed to calves, ever.

Health Protocols
• Antibiotic, Steroid, and Hormone Free (ASH Free) – no antibiotics, ever.
• Regular salt and minerals are allowed. No medicated minerals.
• Farmers will follow all withdraw periods outlined on vaccines. No shots will be administered within 30 days of slaughter.
• Bull calves will be castrated 60 + days prior to slaughter.
• It is encouraged that calves be taken off the cow at delivery time. If weaned prior to delivery it should occur no more than 60 days in advance.
• Low-stress cattle handling protocols are followed. Cows/calves will be humanely handled.

Genetic Protocols
• 50-100% British Breed calves (ie: Black/Red Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, etc.)
• No dairy breeds or dairy crosses will be permitted.
• Moderate frame sized calves that are medium height; deep, thick and well muscled are preferred.
• Calves eligible for the program will be tagged when entering the program. You may tag up to 2x the number of calves as your contracted base.
• Periodic farm visits will be made to validate the herd and generate marketing materials. At least one farm visit will be made before calves are delivered to Trackside Butcher Shoppe.

Delivery and Slaughter Protocols
• Calves will be slaughtered at a target weight of 575-675 lbs.
• We reserve the right to reject animals that do not meet our production standards and/or those that fall outside of the target weight.
• Calves will be delivered to Trackside Butcher Shoppe located in Campbellsburg, Kentucky on your assigned day. Trackside is an Animal Welfare Approved facility.
• Only your base (number of head contracted) may be slaughtered under the program.