Rootbound Farm - OG
Contact: Ben Abell and Bree Pearsall
Address: 1500 Halls Hill Rd. Crestwood, KY, 40014
Email Address:
Phone: 859-433-2563
About Us
Rootbound Farm is a certified organic family farm in Crestwood, KY. Ben and Bree specialize in unique and beautiful varieties of the classic veggies that we all love (think tomatoes from you grandma's garden, brilliantly colored lunchbox peppers, and rosa bianca eggplant!) Rootbound is committed to sustainable management practices that build soil health and prioritize air and water quality. They also raise Katahdin sheep and focus on holistic management for their 100% grass-fed and certified organic lamb. Certified organic management means that animal health takes top priority insuring the animals have access to clean and healthy pastures. They work with a USDA-inspected butcher in Kentucky to bring unique cuts that are ideal for restaurant and household customers such as bone-in shoulder roasts, leg steaks, bratwursts, and more.
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Certified Organic
Certified Organic